Education Determines Your Mindset – Nowadays, education becomes something more important. If someone wants to have a good job, they should have a higher education. It’s not wrong or even right. Why then? As example in Indonesia, a lot of companies search for the people who has a good grade at his school or campus. They avoid the other factors like soft skills, personality, and mindset. As the report of, they found that Student which has good GPA at least 3.25 or higher, have much more chance to be seen by the big companies. It means that the GPA become one of the important thing for company to consider you as their employee or even the most important thing can be. So how if they don’t have a good GPA or maybe they don’t have a higher education than senior high school?

In some cases, Indonesia has a good culture of this section. As we know, our Minister of Marine Affairs and Fishers, Susi Pudjiastuti has just a junior high school graduated. In the fact, Indonesia has no rules for their minister’s education. As long as you are qualified for the government needs, you can be a minister. She was so phenomenal with all her policies. One of the most phenomenal policy is, “sink the illegal boat which try to fishing illegally”. But it has a great respond from some Indonesian’s citizens. She becomes one of the most successful female entrepreneur in the field of marine and also one of the greatest female leader in Indonesian history by then. She got a lot of achievements by her name. One of those is Doctor Honoris Causa by Diponegoro University in year 2016. It shows that she had a great job back there and made people appreciate her that much.

In other case, there’s a company that only accept the people who has GPA lower than 3. For real, they are trying to search the best employee by their ability, not their achievement which covered by the number of GPA. The name of the company is Terrafux Trectona. They are working in the field of construction in Bandung (a contractor company). The purpose of this policy is to help other people and give a same opportunity for those who seek a job, but have GPA below 3 (especially for fresh graduated). Now the question is, how important the level of education to our life if we see the example of Susi Pudjiastuti or this contractor company?

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Some people think education is important. But others think education isn’t that important. Some people think education taught people about the knowledge. The rests think that knowledge could be learned anywhere not just in the college. Those thoughts aren’t wrong. We can learn the knowledge in the campus or even everywhere in this whole world. But there something’s missing with those thoughts. Education doesn’t show how smart the people is. But it does show how to do something by the pattern (which we can say, mindset). Let’s make an analogy. Susi, with her status as a junior high school graduated, can be one of the greatest female leader in Indonesia. But Elon Musk, or Stephen Hawking should go further at least until they graduated from their bachelor study to achieve what they are/were now.

Sometimes people count on somebody’s achievement by how high their education was. They are stuck in the paradigm that success people determines by their education level. We have to understand that college not just teach us how to understand something, but teach us how to do something in pattern. Yes, the main idea isn’t the knowledge but the mindset. We can make another analogy. If we go directly to the war zone without any strategy, we still have a possibility to win the war. Same as if we have a strategy, the war will be going tastier. This is the difference. If you have a higher education, it’s more possible to have a good strategy to win the life’s challenge. But if you don’t have a higher education, you still have the possibilities to win it too.

Teacher in the college teaches us how to do something in a pattern. It means to do the strategy. You can learn it from the book, the experience of the teacher, or even the sharing season with friends. The more higher education, the better the strategy will be. Of course this strategy can we associate with the mindset. So then, we have two hypotheses. The first is your education determines your mindset (checked). The second is, either you have a high education or not, you still have a chance to be success (checked).

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